• Compatible with PS4, Xbox One and PC

      Just plug and play to enjoy your wireless virtual reality experience

      PS4 - Android


      Use your Sony Xperia Android phone or the S1 screen with the free Remote Play app to stream the PS4!

      Connect your P1 controller directly to the PS4 not via Remote Play to give you optimal low latency gameplay!


      Xbox One - MVR S1 Screen

      Stream your favourite XBOX One game to the MVR S1 Screen using Windows 10 streaming technology

      Connect your X1 controller directly to the Xbox One not via the Xbox app to give you optimal low latency gameplay!


      PC - Android and iOS

      Download the free Moonlight App on your smartphone or the S1 screen to give yourself a wireless screen for your PC.

      The app implements Nvidia GTX's proprietary GameStream technology giving you low latency wireless game play

      Both the P1 and X1 controllers are compatible with the PC - however we recommend the X1 for ease of use


      Minimum PC requirements:

      Intel Pentium i5

      8GB of Ram (16GB recommended)

      Nvidia gamestream compatible graphics card

      Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows required for X1 controller - We suggest the X1 controller for PC users for ease of use

      Smartphone apps - Android, iOS, Windows

      Download your favourite VR/AR apps or 360 videos and enjoy them on the H1 headset - one of the most practical and feature rich headsets available to date


      Whether you are a PC, PS4 or Xbox One gamer - We recommend using an AC1200 Simultaneous Dual-Band Broadband Router (or better) for optimal streaming on 5Ghz frequency. You can buy one from all good electronics outlets from £40+

      PS4 and Xbox One are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Inc. and Microsoft group of companies respectively